Can I participate if I am not a Cherry Creek School District student?  Yes! Family members, teachers, administrators and staff are welcome to participate. However, only Cherry Creek students are eligible to win prizes. Prizes will be sent to winners at school.

How do I track my sleep? After you sign up through “join now”, you will start receiving emails on March 5 with your unique link to a brief sleep survey. Once you complete day 1, you will receive daily reminders via email to fill out the form.

How will I know if I win a prize? You will be contacted via email or a text that you have won.

How will I receive a prize if I win one? Prizes will be delivered to the main office at your school. You will receive a message to come to the main office to pick it up if it is not delivered to your classroom.

Why am I not receiving daily reminders via email?  You must sign in on Day 1 of the challenge to start receiving daily reminders.

How can I stop getting daily reminders? Unfortunately, the system does not have the ability to stop sending daily reminders after you start on day 1. They will end on April 1.  You may discontinue your participation at any time by not logging in. Sorry for any inconvenience.